Outdoor learning

It is widely understood that learning outdoors is motivating, memorable and meaningful for children. With our school grounds now benefiting from a revamped playground area and school garden we are making more of our outdoor spaces for learning.


Outdoor Fridays


Every Friday afternoon the classes take turns to work with Mrs Davies and their class teacher on outdoor team building and problem solving activities. These are designed to develop skills in communication, collaboration and resilience alongside physical skills such as balance, stamina and co-ordination. The activities often incorporate learning in other curriculum areas such as maths and science and all this whilst having great fun with friends!


The challenges are levelled to match the age and skills of the children involved.

Class 1 working together to transport a cup of water around the adventure playground. Can they fill the jug?



Class 2 worked in pairs to guide a blindfolded partner into the sheepfold and then had to work together to travel on the wooden skis to a target area. They got a lot further than the grown ups when they practised the day before! They even developed their own way of giving instructions for the children who did not know left and right yet.