mission statement

Our mission...


Clifton Primary School seeks to raise the aspirations and achievements of all through the development of ability and talents within a broad, well balanced and cohesive curriculum.


Our strategic goals


To provide a very warm, welcoming, positive learning atmosphere and learning culture.

To provide the most appropriate opportunities for all children.

For all to achieve highly according to their potential.

For all to feel fulfilled and confident of their achievements.

For all to be treated equally as individuals.

For all to develop the necessary skills to become good citizens of the future.

To develop confident, articulate and caring children who can think critically and creatively, and are able to express themselves in a variety of ways.

To develop the ability to listen to what others have to say.

To develop independence and the use of initiative in learning.

To help children recognise links across the subject and cross curricular based curriculum.

To continue to further develop a cohesive curriculum which is meaningful, broad and well balanced.

To raise aspirations of all through developing talent and ability beyond the academic.

To develop a strong sense of spirituality.

 To develop a strong moral code and the ability to distinguish right from wrong.

To promote positive attitudes towards cultural diversity with the development of respect and tolerance towards all.

To instil a sense of pride, where all are eager to learn and celebrate and share achievements.

To develop a strong team spirit within the whole school community.